Oh look at that…

I used to blog once, didn’t I?

<cue music: “I Will Survive”; Lyric line: “So now you’re back…”>
Rushed update #2

*My son has been a barrel of energy & laughs.  He still doesn’t sleep at night.  We get minute glimpses of hope in that direction, but broadly speaking: no.
*We went on our Eastern States Pilgrimage, and extended that to a week in Fiji.  It was all kinds of awesome.  Much diving was done.
*Made new friends. Awesome.
*Fell out with old friends. Never awesome.  But sometimes required when you realise you’re not moving forward.
*I made play dough & Master Sparrow ate it.  He won’t eat anything else I cook, so I guess this can be considered a start.
*I gardened my butt off.  Epic photo blogs will be coming…
*Chocolate Zucchini Muffins are better than you could ever imagine.  But only with THIS RECIPE. Don’t be fooled by any other recipe out there – they cannot compare.  I tried.  I failed.
*Anything with caramelised beetroot and flaky pastry will always win votes.
*I gave away a horse, fattened up another, and fell in love with my mare all over again.  I also sent her away for starting under saddle.  It did not go as planned & caused me great anxiety.
*I sewed a little bit, but not as much as I would have liked.
*I bought more fabric than I think I could ever use.
*A great friend of mine suffered enormous tragedy & then rose from the ashes like a fiery phoenix.  Much respect to that lady.
*My Sparrow turned two!  Two years old.  TWO!!  And I still haven’t dropped him from any height.  So, really a milestone for me than for him.  If he was more aware of his surroundings, he might be relieved.
*I faced my anxiety head on… and trembled like a leaf.  But I’m working on it.  Some days I can almost tell it off!
*I resigned my part-time job.
*I baked bread.  The single most awesomest recipe I know.  I’ll share that with you later.  Don’t let me forget.
*Stopped breastfeeding.  Jolie laide (it’s French – google it).
*The Olympics happened.  What? Were you living under a rock??
*The Bloggess published her first book!  Go buy it.  NOW.  Then read it & tell me the important bits because I haven’t had time to read mine.  No – you cannot borrow my copy. It’s also got a grey cover, which is about the only thing it will ever have in common with Shades Of Grey.
*Tree Planting Day 2012, y’all!
*Expressed outrage at local eating establishments steady decline into the wonderful world of “Places I will never eat at again”.
*Found new local cafe to eat at.  For the win!
*Found most amazing list of Toddler Approved Recipes.
*Vowed to never enter the local sustainable gardening competition again until they rethink their unilateral vision of sustainability – that being wholly & solely the planting of native trees is a very outdated and limited definition.
*Developed an almost manic obsession with starting a sustainable community garden in Kalgoorlie.
*Impish desire to Guerilla Garden around Kalgoorlie streets is deflated by a complete lack of energy or desire to piss off the council.
*Moved my verge/nature strip garden to make way for the concrete footpath.  I think this is known as ‘progress to some’.  It is to me, because I took out half my lawn for my NEW veggie patch!
*Entered local sustainable gardening competition to re-educate them on the broader angles of what constitutes sustainability in the present day.
*I cried over really important things: The Super Trawler’s imminent & unrepairable pillage of our oceans; The buzz & hope & promise surrounding the Marraige Equality bill; The temporary ban on the Super Trawler from daring so much as touch a mackerel in Aussie waters; The failure for the Marraige Equality bill to pass in either the House of Representatives or the Senate.  Again: Jolie laide.
*I ran from zombies.
*I found some really awesome local blog inspirations: Reddolls and Melissa Drummond.  So here I am.  Back on the bloghorse.

I duly apologise for there being no photos, but it’s very late right now & I really need to go to bed.  Maybe photos might appear in a couple of days.

You will also notice in the coming posts that the blog is diversifying to include my new passion of sustainability in the veggie garden, and other interesting concepts like food miles, and scary things like how I feel about GMOs.

Thanks for reading! Now go to bed.  It’s really late.


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nommer of great self-merit. (yes, I make myself merit badges for nomming)
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6 Responses to Oh look at that…

  1. reddolls says:

    you are so funny! i agree eating play dough is better than nothing and its the homemade stuff which is healthiest of all! guerilla gardening? i’m in! not the actual gardening for i just need to look at a plant for it to go south but for the taking photos of faces of strangers as they realise some is doing their yard work for them lol can’t wait to see your sustainable garden entry 🙂

    • houseofnom says:

      oh dear… I nearly forgot I entered that comp. Better get my gloves on tomorrow & pull some weeds (or ‘unplanned companion plants’, as I call them). Yikes! Hopefully I stop finding interesting insects & the like to distract me!

  2. Missy says:

    Playdough is noms.
    I love you guys. Please blog frequently.
    Also, once my zucchinis grow I’m making those cupcakes. I liked my recipe, you did not, that must mean yours kicks ass big time.

    • houseofnom says:

      Yeah – your recipe definitely lacked the sophistication of the citrus zest. I think the acid made a huge difference to cut through the oil flavours. Or maybe I just stuffed up royally when I made your recipe?!

  3. I think that we have a lot in common, including buying more material than I will ever use and continuing through the list. Sounds like you’ve been busy indeed … and I’m pleased to meet you nom of Kalgoorlie.

    • houseofnom says:

      I’m so pleased to meet you too, barelypoppins! Goodness me, I can insulate an entire house with my stash, I’m sure.

      I had to follow your blog (and pin it) so I didn’t lose the recipes I was drooling over. I mean, sophisticatedly reviewing your blog & recipes in a very professional manner.

      Okay… drooling.

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