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Pesci al forno

Baked fish with potatoes & salsa verde (that’s green sauce, by the way). What a really simple thing!  And so tasty!!  Again… I have my own brand of stuff ups, which is amazing because outside of the salsa verde (which … Continue reading

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The New Roast Chicken

Success?  Sure, why not? Okay, that was a bit of down-trodden 4-word review.  The chicken was definitely a feast for the eyes.  It was also ample in proportions.  I think the same can be done with a healthier half-breast-per-serve.  I … Continue reading

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I made it… somewhere.

I have developed a small obsession with checking my stats for this blog.  I was really excited when it go to 16 people in one day.  But today, I made it to a list! The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s … Continue reading

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Lemon Meringue Mess

I’m still waiting for permission from delicious. Magazine to reprint their recipes here.  Until then, go buy the mag yourself.  You will not regret a subscription.  I promise! So, the Mess.  Firstly, for a fairly simple construction, it takes a … Continue reading

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delicious. Challenge – August

Okay, with only 10 days left for the month, I need to get started on my delicious. Magazine Challenge.  I’d insert a picture of the mag, but Master Sparrow chewed on the mouse & now the righthand button doesn’t work. … Continue reading

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Leek Locavore.

Leeks.  Two years ago, I was leek-uninitiated.  I’d never cooked them, and don’t recall ever eating them.  I’d certainly never grown them.  My first exercise in leeks was a tart.  It was… perfect!  Good heavens, how simple!  The buttery leeks … Continue reading

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In The Beginning…

Food.  You know it.  That’s why we’re here.  You like it.  Nay! You LOVE it!  Or is that just me?  I dunno.  Whichever the case, that’s what I’m blogging on about.  My adventures with various foods: tasted, trialled, cooked, adjusted, … Continue reading

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