The kitchen is closed.

I’ve closed my kitchen for a while. Tonight will be a fair well meal. As is evident in my total lack of posting anything, I can finally put a finger on why.

I hate cleaning.

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When inspiration is low

Much of the time, I’m time poor or inspiration deficient. This was one of those nights.

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Why buy it when you can make it?

Self sufficiency, on a small kitchen scale at least, has been an interest of mine since watching the River Cottage series. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall captured my imagination as he bandied about trying live as self sufficient as he could, down to rearing and butchering his own meat, then showing how far it can go by extending it to his restaurant. Of course, not everything is sourced from his own land, but that’s not really his point. For me, the message is: do what you can, where you can. I think we can all do a little of that once in a while.

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Distraction is not my friend.

Broadly speaking, I am a terribly disorganised person with little interest in time managment (I don’t think it’s really possible & think ‘time’ is more of an experience than a thing that can be managed). That is probably why blogging is so infrequent around here. And also why we have late dinners, and why I can’t seem to go for more than a three day success streak of not burning my porridge. Porridge is one of those things you should not burn!

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Bad parenting – when the sun goes down. (updated)

Every time I guilt trip Sparrow about his sleep, I know it’s wrong. From a stern chat, to an all out mum-tantrum complete with tears, I lay it on thick about how I just can’t take it any more & he just needs to learn to sleep. I know it’s not right to do that, especially the screaming. But I have no other resources right now.

We’re approaching 30 months of wakefulness. 2.5 years of waking on average twice a night. Nights like this tip that average to 3-4 times a night. The last time he slept all night? November 2010. 5 entire nights. What a gift. Thanks. Continue reading

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MamaBake Kalgoorlie Kick Off!

I have been lusting over MamaBake for almost two long years.  Finally, and with minimal preparation or notice, it has begun!

She is MamaBake

She is MamaBake

“MamaBake is a revolutionary, grass-roots movement of progressive thinking Mama’s who take a collaborative approach to Motherhood through group, big batch baking.” (says the About page on their Facebook profile).  It can basically be whatever a group of Mama’s want it to be. Continue reading

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Oh look at that…

I used to blog once, didn’t I?

<cue music: “I Will Survive”; Lyric line: “So now you’re back…”>
Rushed update #2

*My son has been a barrel of energy & laughs.  He still doesn’t sleep at night.  We get minute glimpses of hope in that direction, but broadly speaking: no.
*We went on our Eastern States Pilgrimage, and extended that to a week in Fiji.  It was all kinds of awesome.  Much diving was done.
*Made new friends. Awesome.
*Fell out with old friends. Never awesome.  But sometimes required when you realise you’re not moving forward.
*I made play dough & Master Sparrow ate it.  He won’t eat anything else I cook, so I guess this can be considered a start.
*I gardened my butt off.  Epic photo blogs will be coming… Continue reading

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