No! Has it been that long?

While I doubt you’re any fonder for my absence, I apologise! Life has a way of catching up to you & sucking away time.  My son has started walking, my garden has been growing, and I accidentally scored myself a part time job.  Throw in a road trip to Perth, and a visit from my mother-in-law, and I’ve been time poor.  Even my cooking has taken a hit.  But welcome back, all the same.

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Angela’s Vegie Lasagne – review

Talk about leaving things to the last minute!!  I cooked this one on the final day of winter & the deadline for the August Challenge.

Well, this one is almost perfect.  To be honest, I didn’t really read the recipe when I chose it as one for the challenge.  I saw roasted pumpkin & as I still have a pumpkin from last year’s harvest, I was sold.  I did a double & triple take when it actually came to cook it as it was 1) not like the lasagne (lasagna?) I would normally cook (no bechamel sauce, no bolognese sauce), and 2) it was spectacularly simple in construction.  The minimal pasta layers threw me, but I was suitably dazzled by a cheese-dominating dish.  MmmmMMmmm… Cheese…

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Pesci al forno

Baked fish with potatoes & salsa verde (that’s green sauce, by the way).

What a really simple thing!  And so tasty!!  Again… I have my own brand of stuff ups, which is amazing because outside of the salsa verde (which was perfect) there are only 4 ingredients.  I’m not painting myself as a particularly talented home-chef, am I?

What I did differently:
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The New Roast Chicken

Success?  Sure, why not?

Okay, that was a bit of down-trodden 4-word review.  The chicken was definitely a feast for the eyes.  It was also ample in proportions.  I think the same can be done with a healthier half-breast-per-serve.  I also found the end result quite salty.  Was there errors on my part that would contibute to this? Probably.  So what went wrong?

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I made it… somewhere.

I have developed a small obsession with checking my stats for this blog.  I was really excited when it go to 16 people in one day.  But today, I made it to a list!

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s Top Food Blogs & Guides!  I expect my stats to go through the roof.  Or go up by one or two views.

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Lemon Meringue Mess

I’m still waiting for permission from delicious. Magazine to reprint their recipes here.  Until then, go buy the mag yourself.  You will not regret a subscription.  I promise!

Layered, not stirred.

So, the Mess.  Firstly, for a fairly simple construction, it takes a really long time to cook!  If you’re short on time, BUY YOUR MERINGUE!  But if pride in your mad cooking skillz prevents you from doing that, The Mess can be prepared in stages.  Continue reading

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delicious. Challenge – August

Okay, with only 10 days left for the month, I need to get started on my delicious. Magazine Challenge.  I’d insert a picture of the mag, but Master Sparrow chewed on the mouse & now the righthand button doesn’t work.

The concept behind my challenge is I was gifted a subscription to delicious. Magazine Continue reading

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