Pesci al forno

Baked fish with potatoes & salsa verde (that’s green sauce, by the way).

What a really simple thing!  And so tasty!!  Again… I have my own brand of stuff ups, which is amazing because outside of the salsa verde (which was perfect) there are only 4 ingredients.  I’m not painting myself as a particularly talented home-chef, am I?

What I did differently:
I used different & larger potatoes (russet somethings I bought at the Albany Farmers Market.  They were really floury ones & make great roast tatties), and I could only find some kind of tropical snapper.  The flavour was sweet enough, but a bit too ‘fishy’ in this dish.  I used baby capers in vinegar, and where the recipe asks for 1 tbs of vinegar, I just used it out the capers jar.  I left out the olives because Tomo doesn’t like them & I was concerned they would pollute his potatoes.

The potatoes were freaking brilliant!  I’m a nervous nelly when it comes to doing decent potatoes.  My tatties from a roast meat meal are never crunchy.  I have tried numerous fats to crunch things up, but it appears I just need to cook them first.  Lesson learned.  I did cook mine for longer than the recipe suggested, but mostly because I forgot to scale the fish earlier.  They were still crunchy & fluffy when served.  Double win.

The fish.  Hmmm.  I think I would be better off using fillets.  Whole fish is messy.  It looks like cack when I serve it because it’s just a pile of flaked up fish on a plate.  I’m happy to eat a whole fish myself, but serving it a pain.  Again, my fish was probably not the best one to use.  The flavour wasn’t quite what I was hoping, and wasn’t complemented by the salsa verde.  Maybe something more of an aioli would suit, but the sharp vinegar didn’t do the trick.

Last & by no mean least: Salsa Verde!
It rocked my world.  I’ve had SV in a restaurant as an accompaniment to a nice steak.  That SV was a pale comparison to mine.  Theirs may as well have been a few stray lawn clipping lazily lounging in a pool of oil & vinegar.  My SV would make angels sing.  I’m amazed I’ve gone this long without it.  I can’t wait to pull it out at the next bush BBQ, or social gathering (where appropriate foods are served.  Plonking a pot of SV on the table at a morning tea of scones & cupcakes would be out-of-place).  I love it so much, I went out & bought another mint plant to feed my habit.  I suspect SV doesn’t keep all that well. The greens might turn into browns & then the whole name is lost in translation.  So make it fresh & apply with reckless & tasty abandon to BBQ meats, a great mint-sauce alternative on roasts, smothering a roast-veggie stack for the non-meaties, or mixed through a garden salad for lunch to brighten your afternoon.

Would I try this spectacularly simple dish again? Yes, but I might use fillets of fish instead.  Or chicken.  Or lamb.  Or roast beef.

No photos.  It’s just fish.

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