I made it… somewhere.

I have developed a small obsession with checking my stats for this blog.  I was really excited when it go to 16 people in one day.  But today, I made it to a list!

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s Top Food Blogs & Guides!  I expect my stats to go through the roof.  Or go up by one or two views.

I can’t believe I haven’t managed to go to the festival.  I was in Melbourne last year, too.  How remiss of me.  The one thing I really wanted to go to was a sourdough day at Red Beard Bakery.  You even left with your very own a jar of ‘starter’ (wild yeasts feasting on flour to start loaves of sourdough with).  But it wasn’t to be.  A day jaunt out to Trentham was outside the logistical restrictions of travelling with a baby.  One day, I will get there!

For those in Melbourne at the moment, you can pop to one of the Spring Graze events that celebrates a beautiful time of year with over 60 events held in September.  Or, do your own thing & have a picnic in the park.

Big thanks, again, to Melbourne Food & Wine Festival for adding me to their blog list.  I think I should finish writing up my Roast from Tuesday night.

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nommer of great self-merit. (yes, I make myself merit badges for nomming)
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One Response to I made it… somewhere.

  1. Bianca says:

    Thanks for the mention! Maybe when you do the course you can write a guest blog about it.

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