delicious. Challenge – August

Okay, with only 10 days left for the month, I need to get started on my delicious. Magazine Challenge.  I’d insert a picture of the mag, but Master Sparrow chewed on the mouse & now the righthand button doesn’t work.

The concept behind my challenge is I was gifted a subscription to delicious. Magazine one year (Thanks Tomo!!) & too many issues were slipping by, with recipes going uncooked.  What a waste.  All that talent & inspiration being added to the stack of issues-past.  So I made myself a rule that I need to cook 3 recipes from every issue.  I haven’t always completed the challenge through laziness, holidays, and baby-related exhaustion.  But now Master Sparrow is a little more independent, I think I can get back on the horse.

There are some associated guidelines for this challenge: They can’t all be desserts (for obvious, health-related reasons), and they can’t all be variations of my normal family-fare cooking.  I can’t just cook chops & veggies with a teaspoon of salsa verde thrown on top.  Once in a while, I also have to choose something really technically challenging.

So my anticipated snags in achieving this are time, energy, confined working space (dirty kitchen), and ingredients.  Being 600+km from any reasonable town, the freshness & variety of ingredients is an issue.  I have been known to buy Ras el Hanout while on holiday to Margaret River, just to make a Moroccan lamb dish.  I will note substitutions, both successful & unsuccessful, in case you are suffering the same restrictions.  The final road block on the highway to successful nomming: distraction.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  Yeah… ’nuff said.

This month, I’m boldly attempting four recipes!  FOUR?! After such a long break and a seriously limited time frame, I must sound a bit mad.  But as it’s MY challenge, I get to choose whatever recipes I like. This month, I have chosen some straight forward ones:

  1. Lemon Meringue Mess (pg 56)
  2. New Roast Chicken (Cover image & pg 74)
  3. Veggie Lasagne (pg 93)
  4. Pesci al Forno (Baked Fish) (pg 97)

I’ll start out by saying I rarely follow any recipe to the letter.  For instance, I won’t be following the lemon curd recipe, because I think cornflour is an abomination in such things.  Corn flour has a place in the world – just not in my curds or custards.  Stop cheating & make it properly.  I also will be leaving out the olives from the fish recipe because it’s one of the few things Tomo doesn’t like to eat.  I might sub them for capers.  Or not.  I’ll figure it out when I go to cook it.  I think I’ll just leave them out as the salsa verde (translation: Green sauce) should be tasty enough without it.

So… let’s get cracking!

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nommer of great self-merit. (yes, I make myself merit badges for nomming)
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2 Responses to delicious. Challenge – August

  1. Maree says:

    Mmmm. I would love to know how you go with the Lemon Meringue Mess. I was looking at a recipe for Lemon Meringue today and was thinking “man I gotta cook me some of that” but am not sure mine would turn out like the image.. so I definitely like the sound of the “mess” on the end of your recipe.

    Actually, I think I would like to know how you go with all the recipes, they all sound so yum!!

    • houseofnom says:

      Have you heard of Eton Mess? It’s like the pom version of pav, but smooshed up in a bowl/cup. I like to think of it like a Pav gone wrong. 😛 So it’s meringue, cream, and fruit. This version is made with lemon curd instead of actual fruit, and is being packaged as healthy alternative to Lemon Meringue Pie. I was sold at the title!

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